Art is a tree ที่มา

Art is a tree
Art is the creation and presentation of ideas and the ideas that others can recognize. The design and create works of art that are regarded as the imagination of the people. Which people may be thinking and expression are not the same. These can be used for art as well. Because art is a presentation of their own designs and creations of ideas or imagination, as we have found out and presented the idea to our people to get acquainted with the art that we have. thinking tasks. This is a work of art that is unusual and beautiful art for people to follow it. This is a work of art. Art is not the tree itself.
The idea is the introduction of imaging techniques to aid in the creation of the artwork. This is a high-speed camera. It takes just a second voice. The picture that has emerged is shaped like exotic objects like trees. Some designers have adopted this technique was used to create a tree. The water used to make the tree branches and then the water that has been colored. Which makes it different from other parts such as Dark green is the trunk of the tree. The colored leaves, it will be enough. Is known as one of the most beautiful works ever for ideas on this strange break position. I have an idea for something that is not done but it could have inspired them to help in the creation of our work here.

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